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Bespoke Events

Special Event Venue
Winthrop | MA



Turn Your Dream Event Into a Reality


I've been meaning to write a review for Bespoke Events, but wanted to make sure I had enough time to sit down and articulate how amazing their customer service was and how helpful they were. We rented out the space for my sister's bridal shower a month ago. The space itself is extremely spacious and with the tables and chairs already being there, it made it very easy for a fast set up. The bartender on staff was super sweet- we ended up using their projector for a video I put together- and she helped us immensely in setting it all up. We were a bit frantic (we had hit some traffic cutting into the set up time) and the staff's demeanor honestly calmed my nerves of getting everything ready. All in all- I would highly recommend Bespoke Events for any future gathering, their customer service really put them above the others and their space (and pricing) can't compare."

- Katelyn 

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